Seeking Private Lenders - Earn 12%-14% Interest and $5,000 Min

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Hello my friends! We are expanding our rental portfolio in Central New York and are seeking private money investors / lenders to help us grow. The lenders we're looking for will be helping us during the initial acquisition & rehab phase. Hard money loan companies do not fit our current investment strategy. 

We are experienced investors in Upstate NY, we offer property management, market analysis, and other information to our management clients. Feel free to ask for a copy of our previous and current investments & performance. 

Reach out with any questions

Email: [email protected]

Cell: 315-806-2040

What We Need? Funding to complete the initial purchase of the property & the rehab of the property. We often pay closing costs and up to 30% of the project & acquisition cost. 

What We Offer? 12-14% annual return on investment and a minimum of $5,000 loan origination fee, an option to collateralize your loan with a mortgage or an option to buy contract. 

Average Loan Length? Our average loan length is 30-45 days but can extend up to 3 months. 

When Do You Get Paid Back? We are refinancing each property on average 30-45 days after acquisition depending on our refi lenders seasoning requirements we sometimes have loans 3-4 months. 

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