A Business Loan is Needed For 60 Days, We Will Pay a 10% Fee

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WE are Seeking a Loan of $25,000 From a Private Individual for 60 Days, in Which we will pay a Fee of $2,500.  

On the Day the Funds are Delivered, We will pay a Initial Fee of $1000, and In 60 Days we will pay back your Loan, of $25,000, and Pay a Final Fee of $1,500. 

The Loan will be Secured by a First Lien Mortgage on a Free and Clear Property, at a 1.3 Debt service Coverage Ratio.

If Agreed, We will send the Attorney Prepared Documentation to be signed.

You can Contact us at Email: [email protected], and also Text or Leave a Voice Message at (216) 235-2739.

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