Building My Buyers List Around You

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Good Morning,

Allow me to find your next deal! My name is Alfredo Lambert, and I am looking for potential buyers to add to my buyers list. After a year or so of research and analysis paralysis, I am ready to dive into the REI world. Instead of finding properties then finding buyers who would like a discount on said properties, I'd rather build long-term relationships with a few cash buyers and tailor my hunt to your preferences. Countless hours of reading books and articles, listening to audio books and podcast, and watching YouTube videos have placed me in a position to knowledgeable locate and acquire your next deal for a fair and reasonable price.

Background information: I will be 30 years old in September. I've spent the last decade as a software engineer before resigning last year and pursuing my passion of playing Monopoly in real life. I grew up loving the idea of generating cash flow through buy and hold real estate, but sadly, took a detour through UCLA in order to find a "conventional" job and watch time fly by. Those days are over and the gloves are off. I am ready to gain experience in real estate first-hand, and acquire the know-how to build a fully virtualized investment team - one deal at a time. I've even completed the three courses required for the CA Real Estate Salesperson exam. If you are a cash buyer interested in having me work for you, shoot me an email with your name, number, and a good time to reach you, and I will be sure to give you a call to discuss your needs and wants. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to do the same. Genuinely looking forward to hearing back from you all. With the warmest regards,

Alfredo Lambert
[email protected]

@Alfredo Lambert

Good luck on you investing journey and welcome to the world of real life Monopoly!!

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