Recently remodeled, fully occupied 3 unit located in Calumet City, one block from elementary school. Current PITI: $963. Rents: $2100 ($700 each).

The 20k would cover down payment/closing cost. I will have $500 a month to make whatever type of payment you structure. Interest only payments with a balloon payment after 1 year (or later if you prefer, but I need at least 1 year) or we can take a longer approach with the 20k wrapped into payments. 

I am an investor in the Houston, Tx area and I normally would fund this deal myself but my funds are in two great flips, and with the margins so great here, I could not pass it up. 

Current closing set for Tuesday, July 16th, 2019. Our property management company for this property is set, and this year's valuation and inspection report are available upon request.

Please contact me if interested or if you'd like more information! 

[email protected] ( @lncfinancial)