With Universal Commercial Capital you will find a partner that has commercial loan resources to provide you with great rates, low fees and streamlined process. Our commitment is to deliver safe financing solution that you need and help you create and preserve wealth over a period of time. This way long term success is a guarantee. Hassle free process with simplified documentation, variety of loan programs starting from $150,000. Best customer services and support to guide you each step of the way whether you are looking to purchase or refinance. 

At Universal Commercial Capital we understand that matching your needs is our primal goal, and that’s why we provide you with experienced team and diverse mix of commercial real estate loans. Most of the hard money loans are short term that might last for one year or less. 

Hard money interests are usually higher and are associated with projects that last few months or years. Qualification varies between lenders and loan uses. Lenders will evaluate value of the property to find out if they want to make a loan and which amount they can give. Security is provided in the property. 

Fix and flip loans are used by short-term real estate investors to purchase and renovate a property before flipping it for a profit. This type of financing for flipping houses offers investors fast closings for properties in any condition. The most popular type of fix and flip loans are hard money loans. 

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