Seeking Private / Hard Money Lender for 2 Performing Assets

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I have 2 fully rehabbed and rented properties with professional property management in Waynesboro, PA that i am seeking Private or Hard Money lending for 6 months.

Desire 75% of Value ($200,000) with first position lien on properties

Property 1 - Duplex with Combined Rent $1445 - Approximate Property Value $155,000

Property 2 - Single Family House $1120 Rent - Approximate Property Value $115,000

Would you consider operating your real estate business as the business it is? If so, we lend to LLCs or other legal entities ...We don't report the loans to the credit bureaus...We allow more than just a few (usually four) mortgages...

click the highlighted Link above, see how it works and apply on-line now. Remember we help Tote the Note on investments in "special Need" housing we manage. Also, we welcome Co-Singers and Business Start-Ups

Michael, maybe we can help, please answer the following questions so we can get a full picture of what you want.

-Your full name: First, Middle, Last
-Telephone: Office / Cell, email, fax, website if applicable
-Address: Street,city,state,zip
-Company name & legal form (Corp, LLC ,etc.)
-Funding amount requested
-Down payment amount
-Property type
-Property location
-Monthly Bills(Including rent or house payment)
-Gross monthly income(before taxes)
-How many years do you need
-How soon do you need the money
-Executive summary, brief overview
( all other project documents will be requested after initial review and expressed interest )

Hope to hear from you.

Reggie Truss

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