Chicago area property owners - due to the recent severe hail storms, insurance companies are paying to replace your damaged roofing, siding, gutters, screens, sheds, and basically anything else aluminum on the outside of your building. Little Village Contractors Inc., as an Illinois Licensed Roofer (104.017391) and Licensed Chicago General Contractor (TGC11324), works directly with your insurance company to ensure that if you have a valid claim, all of the damage is covered and repaired. And that repairs are made at NO OUT OF POCKET COST TO YOU.

Many times, it takes an expert eye to spot hail damage, which can occur even to roofing/siding replaced in the past year. Frequently, when owners rely on their insurance company to determine if damage exists, their claim is denied outright or grossly underpaid. After all, why would the insurance company honestly tell you how much they have to pay?

The vast majority of Northern Illinois, including Romeoville, Naperville, Waukegan, Chicago; Will, Lake, Dupage, and Cook Counties have experienced substantial hail damage through which we have successfully utilized to gain claim approvals from most insurers, and been able to perform repairs, again, at NO COST to you the insured.

And a special shout-out to our near-west Chicago suburbs - Cicero, Berwyn, Lyons, Riverside, Brookfield, Maywood, and Forest Park - we've recently had multiple insurance companies approve claims due to the early-summer storms. But contact us ASAP, as the season is on its way out soon when we'll no longer be able to replace roofing until early spring when the temperatures warm back up.

Call us today for your no-obligation, no-cost inspection - 847-447-6824, via email at [email protected], or PM me here. Don't rely on the insurance company or some fly-by-night out-of-state unlicensed contractor to slap new shingles on your home and leave you with no recourse in the future. We're licensed/bonded/insured in Illinois and most municipalities, and only perform work in Illinois (with our office located in Chicago).