General Contractor for FHA 203k

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Hello Brandon,

What type of project are You looking at? What is the scope of repairs & the timeline you are working with to have the property move in ready?

Have you found a property that has peaked Your interest yet Or are you still looking?

@Jason Tougas Hi Jason, I’ll be looking at buying a slightly distressed duplex/triplex and renovating it. Hard to say what the scope of work will be, but anywhere from foundations/roof replacement to cosmetic rework of the interior/exterior, landscaping, possibly a square footage extension. I’m flexible on timeline, depending on the deal I find. I’ll be looking to start making offers in about a month once I relocate for my new job.

That's great! It seems you look at properties the same way that I do. I cannot help but find excitement in a good rehab project. What part of Cali are you from? Where do you plan to move to? How long have you been in real estate?

@Jason Tougas Thanks, it seems logical to target maximum value add and I'm not scared of coordinating a bunch of moving parts. I've been reading books and listening to podcasts for about 3 months now, working on finding my Core 4 here on the forums. Then find the other 6 at REIA meetings when I get to San Antonio. I live in Orange County near Irvine, but I start my new job in SA in 3 weeks.

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