Affordable Real Estate Coaching

This real estate coaching program is not necessarily a teaching program where a coaching student gets materials to watch, read, or listen to. This program is a program of action and it is specifically designed to help investors, or those who would like to be investors, define their goals, create a plan of action to meet those goals, and then take action to meet those goals.

This coaching program is a program of accountability. It was created to help new investors take those first steps to investing. It is understandable that it can be intimidating when someone is brand new to investing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy an investment property or to go into debt that amount to start investing in real estate. Maybe they have read about it, watched webinars about it, or even attended seminars teaching how to do it, but it is one thing to watch it or listen about it, and it is a whole new thing to actually do it successfully.

This coaching program uses motivation techniques that keep people engaged and working towards their goals. It will help you step by step take the actions needed to start building a real estate portfolio.

The cost of the program cost is $5200 up front. Why is there a cost to coaching if I can just get information about investing online for free? Because this program is not necessarily an education program. This is an accountability program geared toward helping you take the steps to accomplish your goals. The $5200 is the payment for the time spent in coaching sessions.

This coaching program consists of 30-minute phone calls every other week. If the coaching student completes all the homework in between coaching sessions and completes the coaching session then the student will receive $100 back for every time those 2 things have been completed. So they are able to get back $2600 at the end of the year coaching program making the total cost $2600 instead of $5200. This is one of the secrets of motivation, knowing that if you do not complete something, then you will lose something, is one of the stronger motivators that kicks us into action. 

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