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Brian Page became a millionaire in his 20’s as a residential real estate investor, only to lose it all in the historic crash of 2008. Starting over with no credit or ability to buy property,

Brian discovered a way to use other people’s properties to earn income.

He went on to make six figures in six months and over $300,000 his first year, renting and listing properties on Airbnb.

Realizing that no one at the time was teaching how to build and scale an Airbnb business, Brian created a training called the BNB Formula. His master class is now the world's bestselling Airbnb training where he has taught thousands of people from 38 countries how to build six to seven figure Airbnb businesses, with several of his students now doing over $1M in bookings.

  • How do you make money on Airbnb Without?
  • owning property?
  • What is your "work less, have more" philosophy?
  • What’s my earning potential when I list my room?
  • on Airbnb?
  • How do you work around a city’s restriction on?
  • Airbnb?
  • How do you get an owner to put their property?
  • on airbnb?
  • Is signing a lease for Airbnb risky?

… and much, much more!

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