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Hi, I'm currently an IT executive, but want to get started in real estate investing in the Cincinnati area, specifically multi-family/medium size apartment complexes. Everything I read about the business highly recommends learning as much as possible from those experienced in the industry. If anyone with experience in buying/owning apartment complexes is willing to chat with a rookie, I'd like to buy you breakfast/lunch and discuss your experiences. Thanks.

@Todd Gutekunst You popped up on my forum list but I just realized this was 3 months ago! Anyways- my Dad and I got involved in multifamily in the Summer of last year and closed on 173 units in November.  Our partner/mentor/coach owns 6500 units and we're a part of a group of very active syndicators - did $250M and 4300 units in acquisitions in the last 12 months.  Anyways - happy to help any way I can, I love talking multifamily so feel free to reach out.  Cheers to your success in your investing journey!

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