We are Real Estate Experts. Having worked in all facets of the real estate industry, from operating a brokerage to wholesaling to mortgage origination, we understand the challenges faced by builders, remodelers, and house flippers. Money is the life blood of the business, and when you need it, you need it now. That’s why we customize financing and hard money loans to the borrower’s unique situation. Our goal is to build long term relationships, so we align ourselves with your interests, not the bank backing the loan. We’re a Texas business with Texas ethics and we’re ready to lend you the money you need!

We operate as follows:

-National Lender

-Minimum Loan Amount 50,000

-We will loan up to 75% of the ARV depending on credit score*

-Interest bearing payments only starting at 8.5%-9.99%*

- 2-3 points of origination*

- The borrower must put down 10%, and we will loan up to 90% of the purchase price, and 100% of the renovation budget, assuming the combined total does not exceed 75% of ARV

Borrower Requirements:

-10% available down payment

-A percentage of the rehab budget must be proved to be available (paid in draws)

-The 1st 3 months' payments total must also be exhibited as cash on hand

-We charge interest-only on the loan (1-year term)

-We charge points at closing (2-3 points) - this means 2-3% of the loan amount will be charged as a cost to buyer at closing.

-You pay the BPO / appraisal ($695 depending upon which we order, if it’s a rush appraisal $795) & $595 doc prep fee (a third party cost we pass along)

That's it. No junk fees, admin fees or otherwise fees.

-We also offer a cash out refinance or rate and term refinance for a 30 year fixed rate mortgage. If borrowers credit exceeds 680 we can loan 75% of as-is value.

-The percentages of LTV get smaller as credit decreases. Minimum loan amount 50k