The Amarillo Market is Booming!

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A post by MillionAcres has broken down the best places to invest in real estate in 2020, here's what they came up with.

Top Best Places to Buy Rental Property in 2020

1. Amarillo, TX

2. Tampa/St.Pete/Clearwater, Florida

3. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

4. Atlanta, Georgia

5. Cedar Rapids, Iowa

6. Indianapolis, Indiana

7. Jacksonville, Florida

8. North Charleston, South Carolina

9. Louisville, Kentucky

10. Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

Here's the link to read more:

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Thanks for sharing! Just curious, does Amarillo have a lot of new development/jobs going in right now or did people just figure out it's cheaper than most of the other cities in Texas? 

I live in OKC but I'm from Lubbock. I drive through Amarillo at least 5-6 times per year. But I usually don't venture much farther than the Taco Villa on I-40 unless I'm feeling really crazy and hit up a Rosa's. :) You know.. priorities. 

@Cassi Justiz Amarillo actually does have a lot going on right now. There’s tons of new development going up west of town, and quite a few different business coming to town. We have mainly restaurants coming, but there’s also plans for some larger truck stops off of I-40, and tons of updates being done to Downtown!