Seeking to shadow RE Investor — VC experience

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Hi BiggerPockets community!

My name is Blake Eitreim. I'm new to the Real Estate Investing world, but have quickly realized the benefit of getting exposure to individuals who understand the ropes of Real Estate.

I've recently transitioned out of a role working with a VC firm as an analyst, but hope to find my way into the Real Estate Investing world. The more I've read about REI, the more I've seen a lot of similarities between the underwriting and due diligence process of prospecting investments.

That being said, if you or anybody you know could use some additional hands on deck as an acquisition analyst in the form of an internship/apprenticeship, I’d love to talk more!



Job Posting Details

  • City: Denver
  • State: Colorado
  • Remote position: yes


I am a General Contractor Rehabber in NJ. Please contact me grandrehabber g mail DM me here, text 908 200 2020 or Skype vijay_kumar_chopra Piscataway NJ