I get asked all the time if the deferred sales trust can be passed to heirs once the estate passes. If you are looking to sell your highly appreciated primary home, business, or another asset the deferred sales trust is for you. In today’s video, I am going to give you an overview of the deferred sales trust and how it passes seamlessly in your living trust.

I want you to better understand how you can benefit from a deferred sales trust, so you can make more money when you sell and have more freedom with your time.

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Deferred Sales Trusts are not a recent invention. In fact, they are over 24+ years old (the IRS Section tax code known as IRC 453 predates from 1920's and is known as a, "seller carry back" or "owner financing." ) The simple principles of the deferred sales trust are from this original IRC 453 tax code and are the foundation we still use today. In fact, with the 14 successful IRS audits conducted and completed for the thousands of deferred sales trusts closed it’s important to understand where we come from, so you can feel secure for where you will stand if you move forward. I guarantee this video lesson will help you gaining clarity for your tax deferral strategy.

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