Private Money Lender with Money to Lend

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Good evening. I am not a real estate broker. I am a real estate investor that is highly motivated to get my business off the ground and thriving. I am looking for funding options and mentoring to set me up for success. I would like to schedule a meeting with you to further discuss. Thank you.


Good afternoon.  I found a multi family apartment building with a separate lot zoned for a separate apartment building in back.  The building has three of four units occupied paying $550 per month plus utilities.  It needs remodeling.  Each unit is two BR and one Bathroom.  The owner is taking offers until tomorrow at 10 am.  If interested please call me at (757)409-5512.  Thank you.   George White


I am a rehabber in NJ. I am seeking Gap funding partners to JV with to buy properties to Rehab and flip or keep. Although I do have a hard money lender but would be interested in your propositions too. Please Dm me here email grandrehabber g mail Text me 908 200 2020 or Skype vijay_kumar_chopra Thanks