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Currently looking to acquire a 4plex unit in Las Vegas and I am looking for any hard money lenders who offer an LTV of 90%+.

We already have one deal under our belt and are looking to continue scaling as aggressively as possible.

If anyone is a hard money lender or knows of one who fits that criteria please let me know! Thanks!

Hi Abraham,

Alex Shea here and I'm a Hard Money Lender at DML Capital. Generally speaking, 90% LTV is far too aggressive for us and most of our peers, especially during Covid. The highest on the HML side is around 80% LTV and that's for the best of the prime borrowers with lots of experience, but 70-75% is pretty standard where you'll find the most competitive terms. Also, the challenge with a 90% LTV is that unless your takeout strategy is selling (e.g., fix-and-flip), any form of refi will require 20-25% cash down anyway. Happy to run this scenario out with you and see if we can help you out. I'm based in CA but we can work in NV too. In my opinion, if you do have a HML willing to go 85%+ LTV right now with amenable terms, that's certainly a borrower-friendly scenario out of the norm that you should jump on!


Alex Shea
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Abraham, I'm Reggie Truss, The Loan Father, you requested on this forum a hard money lender for your purchase of a 4plex unit in Las Vegas. I need to confirm some information so we can get you the best quote possible. Please answer the following questions:

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