Offer Financing Solutions to Your Network!

Earn huge, passive residual income again and again while building your own impressive investment portfolio! You've heard this more than once, "Your network directly affects your net worth!" Now, in addition to getting paid for what you do already as an investor, you may also offer financing to your personal network of sellers, buyers, realtors, etc. and help them build their net worth too. Every deal you come across becomes a possible revenue source. Confidently pick and choose which one fits your own investment goals, but still earn on 10 out of 10 deals, including the one you choose to buy or fix and flip. Fees are generated on every loan file. Depending on the size of the transaction, fees can range from $1500 to tens of thousands of dollars. If you're interested send us your full name and phone number at [email protected] or text us your contact info at 9739856617.

Job Posting Details

  • Remote position: yes