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Rates Provide GREAT Refinance Opportunity!

Long term rates are over 1% LOWER than 1 year ago ....a powerful opportunity exists to refinance right now. Rates are in the 4's right now for most investor deals with multi-family deals possibly into the upper 3's! If you own a business, the savings on debt consolidation can be monstrous.

One of my clients is consolidating their business debt and saving over $1,000 a month. A business running 10% profit margins, this monthly savings is HUGE. Let me show you what I mean. Let's say a business does $1 million a year in sales and after paying salaries, costs of goods and fixed expenses, it turns a profit of $100,000 for the owner. That is 10% profit margin (they net 10% of their gross sales). For this business to make an extra $1,000 a month, it must have $10,000 a month in extra sales ($10,000 a month gross yields $1,000 a month net at 10%). So a refinance saving $1,000 a month is the same as a business getting $10,000 a month in extra sales-FREE! That is the true impact on the bottom line. That is why any smart business owner should always look to grow sales AND cut costs...the combination makes for maximum profitability.

Whether you own commercial investment real estate or you own the building your business occupies, there is a great opportunity to refinance. Longer amortizations can also make for more monthly cash flow which may make sense for you depending on your long term goals. With so many options for rates and terms and amortizations, it pays to call a professional and have them crunch the numbers to see if a refinance is best for you. Commercial rates are not like home loan rates, there are too many variables to take into consideration and that is where we come in. You can call me today and I will gladly crunch the numbers and review your goals and let you know clearly what the marketplace can offer. With over 250 lenders and programs, I bring the entire marketplace to you. IT costs NOTHING for this expert advice, one call is all. Give me a call today! Commercial Capital, we are the place to go when the banks say no! Call Karen at 512-650-8630 today or get started by filling out this form!

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