Attention all investors!! Have a unique investment opportunity in a Nashville based fast-growing real estate brokerage.

Looking for a $2.5M investment

10% interest with a 24 Month Balloon Repayment Term with 24 month clock beginning on date of final disbursement.

Disbursement schedule as follows:

• $250,000 within 10 days of agreement.

• $1,000,000 within 45 days of agreement.

• $1,350,000 within 90 days of agreement.

The allocation of those funds will be as follows:

• $300,000 Mortgage Co Joint Venture. We have hired 2 (likely 3) loan officers who have significant experience and portfolios of business to the tune of approximately $100M in loan volume annually. This will bring a significant cashflow stream of pure bottom line revenue into the organization through our partnership.

• $250,000 Franchise Development and Marketing. Our franchise development and sales team, in partnership with United Franchise Group (and others), have given a financial expectation of approximately $175K for turnkey franchise development and marketing capital for lead generation of potential franchisees. I have cushioned this number with an additional $75,000 to ensure we reach a self-sustaining channel cash flow with no more than $250,000 invested.

• $1,950,000 OPEX and cushion for burn rate while growing to profitability. Due to our speed of growth, we have had to allocate significant resources to keep up with the demands of services for our agents. Our projections, at current agent count and sales volume, show this cushion providing nearly 3 years of cash for OPEX. We have to grow by approximately 45 agents to reach break even, and our immediate growth goal (that our recruiting team is working toward) is 300 agents which will bring us to about $750k annual profit pre-ebitda. This OPEX cushion will allow for us to have less organizational stress and uncertainty where we can focus additional energy toward our future with technology components that will revolutionize the real estate industry for both agents and consumers.

We are in the process of raising $30M which our investment team feels strongly will be fully funded within 18 months.