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Here's What's New in Denver This Week

#238 - Denver Real Estate Trends - October 2020
There are more properties under contract (6,141) now than are available inventory (4,821). Inventory is way down (43%). It's still an extreme seller's market. Click the link to get all the stats.

#239: Colorado Forbearance and Foreclosure Data
@Joe Massey has some good, solid data that we can use to determine how many of the forbearances might turn into foreclosures and how they might affect the Colorado housing market in the near future. It will shed light on the "Will we see a wave of foreclosures?" question.

#240: Chapter Submissions Welcome for the 2021 Guide to Denver Real Estate Investing Strategies
It's almost 2021! This means we're ready to accept contributions for the 2021 Guide to Denver Real Estate Investing Strategies book. If you're a real estate investor with a Denver or Colorado Springs connection, check out this episode to find out how to submit a chapter. The deadline for submissions is January 15th.

#241: Denver Property Management Update - November 20th, 2020
Our three property managers all reported greater than 90% rent collection which is very similar to this time last year. The big difference is that a lot more people are on payment plans. Evictions are going through some courts, but it's a mess. Listen to the podcast for all the details!

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Here's What's New in Colorado Springs This Week

#4 - Colorado Springs Real Estate MLS Market Stats - October 2020
This market is being stimulated by the low rates. The mortgage rates are likely to drift up next year, perhaps as much as 0.5 to 1.0%. We'll see the market slow down a lot when this occurs. Click the link to get all the stats for Colorado Springs.

Chapter Submissions Welcome for the 2021 Guide to Denver Real Estate Investing Strategies Book

Every year I publish a new edition of The Guide to Denver Real Estate Investing Strategies. It's a unique concept, because the chapters are crowdsourced from Denver investors sharing their real estate investing strategies and goals. The goal of the book is to share ideas and connect people around town to grow your knowledge, your network, and your real estate portfolio.

Read the submissions guidelines and email me your chapter!

Submissions are due January 15, 2021.

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