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You Need Commercial Money Before Year-End? Our Private Money Can Get It Done!
With just a few weeks left in the year, I am struck once again by how fast time flies. Yet, often in the world of commercial lending with real estate, the loans seem to take forever. With holidays, end of year vacations, and general holiday backlog, banks can no longer take new commercial money and close them by year-end. In fact, there is really only 3 weeks left for most lenders to close loans and if you do not have loan commitment with your current lender by now, you will not get closed this year!

With our Private Commercial Money fund, we can still take new loans in and close them by year-end! It is the difference in having a team and a lender that actually WANTS to do your loan. This simple fact can make all the difference between approval and denial. We close loans...that's what we do. So whether you need to close quickly to capture a foreclosed property or you need quick cash to get your business back on track or whatever the reason, our fund was created for you. IF you need a fast closing call me today 512-354-5949 or get started by filling out this form!

-Wishing You the Best,

Karen Schimpf
Commercial Capital, Ltd.
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Give me a CALL TODAY at 512-354-5949 or get started by filling out this form!