Our company Fix and Flip partner thrives on helping investors find investment properties. From rentals to flips and even multi family we enjoy doing our best to help you find what you’re looking for. Below is a list of items we ask for from our investors so we can help them find an investment property they’re interested in. Let us know if we can help you in anyway whether it be on current projects, referrals, advice, looking for your next project etc.

1- What areas you’re interested in? We can also help you with out of area investments if you’re interested in certain areas that we have teams on the ground.

2- How are you purchasing- cash or hard money?

3- proof of funds that covers the amount of our offers- if you’re using a hard money lender then a proof of funds to cover the amount they require down along with a letter from the hard money lender. We can help you with a hard money lender if you need a recommendation. Also always block out your account number!! It’s not needed for a proof of funds and you don’t want that floating around out there.

4- what name do you want offers written in- llc or personal name, etc? If you need help getting an llc set up we can help you with that.

5- do you want to sign all offers or have us place offers and tell you what we get tied up to see if you want to move forward with due diligence? That’s why the criteria of what you want to buy is so critical.

6- criteria of what you want to buy. Purchase price max, rehab max, rehab you don’t want to get into such as foundation issues etc. duplexes, commercial properties etc?

7-timetable you needed to make a decision once we bring you a deal- this let’s us know what timeframe for closing to ask for with our offer.

8- amount you want to make on each deal- make sure to include any financing costs, etc- let us know if you need help determining this number

9- are you open to buying wholesale properties with non refundable deposits, at auctions, sight unseen, or prefer to stay just with offers that come with inspection periods from the open market?

We can generally get you a property lined up to at least take a look at and run some numbers within a week or two.

Let us know if there’s anything we can help you with- even if it’s just advice or help with a current project you have.