BP is an amazing site for learning about real estate and learning all about the industry. One area that I have found little information on is learning how to set up your company to grow your new real estate investment company. 

Our company has built a short course on "Starting a new LLC in New York State". Focused on New York state specifically, the course is designed to help new investors and future business owners set up their very own LLC. Short course can be completed in a couple hours and geared towards getting you up and running as soon as possible with your own LLC.

It's a brand new course from PCTI Education and we'd love to have members from the BP community try it out and give us feedback on their experience. Sign up for the course before April 30th and save $10 off the retail price of $55 with code BPSPRING2021

Come and get your brand new LLC set up today!

PCTI Education Starting a new LLC in New York state