Hey Biggerpockets Community,

Kuba Fietkiewicz here, founder of REIkit.com House Flipping and Wholesaling Software, and today I wanted to talk about how you can save big money with an integrated marketing suite, and much more.

You know you want to scale your wholesaling business, and fast, but you're just one person and can only do so much.

This is the time in your business when you need to start working smarter and not harder, by putting tools and systems in place where you would normally grind it out.

Having the right tools and systems in place can amplify your business far more than any other improvement that you can make to your business.

What kind of tools do you need?

You need tools for automating the tasks you already do every day, such as sending emails to motivated seller lists, or following up with leads, analyzing properties, and marketing to buyers.

Now you have a decision to make.

You can cobble together your own system by subscribing to all of the different tools for each part of your business, and then try to figure out how to integrate them.

OR you can use a completely integrated all-in-one wholesaling system, complete with motivated seller lead lists, a CRM, email drip campaigns, SMS text blasts, and ringless voicemail (RVM) automation, a website, virtual phone numbers, and in and outbound calling for cold calls.

Not just a marketing powerhouse, you also get everything you need to analyze and market your deals.

I know what you’re thinking:

"A complete real estate wholesaling system with all that software sounds expensive!"

It’s true -- combined, these investment tools can add up to at least $425 dollars per month:

$50+/mo - Real Estate Investor Website

$55+/mo - Access to Nationwide Motivated Seller Leads + Free lead credits Monthly

$50+/mo - Leads CRM

$45+/mo - Email Drip Campaigns

$45+/mo – Virtual Phone Number + Phone Lead Capture + Recording and Transcription

$45+/mo - Ringless Voicemail Automation

$35+/mo - SMS Text Messaging Blasts

$45+/mo - Premium Comps and ARV

$35+/mo - Nationwide Rehab Cost Estimator

$20+/mo - Deal Reports for Lenders and Cash Buyers


So, what if you knew, that for less than a quarter of that total cost, you could get a subscription to an entire suite of those tools from REI/kit House Flipping and Real Estate Wholesaling Software?

That's right: REI/kit offers all of these valuable tools completely integrated in one online Dashboard!

You absolutely cannot beat this incredible value!

REI/kit offers everything you need to:

  • Find or capture motivated seller leads with lead lists tool and website
  • Automate reach out and follow up with email, sms, and RVM
  • Track your virtual phone, email and text communications in one central place
  • Calculate accurate ARV with robust deal analysis and deed data
  • Market your deals to cash buyers, or create reports for lenders

It would take me literally page after page to list all of the details and benefits, so to find out more, or to start a free, full-featured and risk-free trial today, click on this link:


Any questions, just comment below.