Hey BiggerPockets,

Kuba Fietkiewicz here, founder of REIkit.com online house flipping and real estate wholesaling software.

Today I wanted to talk about REI/kit's motivated seller Lead Lists, and how they integrate with the CRM, email, text message and RVM marketing automation tools, among many others, that together create a complete lead prospecting system.

First, in the Lead List tool, you can Quick Create from 8 types of highly motivated seller lead lists, or build your own from 5 categories and 85 different filters.

There is NO minimum order for leads, and all of our plans are credited with FREE lead credits every month, PLUS -- leads are already skip-traced with name, addresses, phone numbers and many with emails -- for instant time and money savings.

Our per lead cost above your free lead credits is extremely competitive, starting at just 12 cents per skip-traced lead!


Leads are added to the integrated REI/kit CRM, so that you can start marketing to them immediately.

Email Marketing Automation Outreach and Follow-up:

Email campaigns and email marketing automation -- 7 different email drip campaigns that are pre-written and ready for you to activate with your new leads, including specifically for Absentee and Vacant.

SMS Text Message Marketing Automation:

Text your leads and get your message front-and-center, with replies in minutes -- not days!

Ringless Voicemail:

Send a ringless voicemail to just one contact, or in a Campaign to an entire List.

Included as part of your plan also are these other integrated tools:

  • Real Estate Investor Websites
  • Task Automation
  • Virtual Phone Numbers with Recording and Transcription
  • Property ARV and Comps Tools
  • Flip, Lender, and Cash Buyer Marketing Reports

Visit REIkit for more information, or try it out with a free, no-obligation plan trial today:


Any questions, drop a comment here or catch me on chat at the site,