Inglewood Single Family Residence

Very distressed property with a lot of upside potential for high return!

  • 3 Bed, 1 Bath (4 Bed, 2 bath after ADU Conversion)
  • 1,119 sqft. (Roughly 1,600 sqft. after ADU Conversion)
  • Lot Size - 6,659 sqft.
  • Detached Garage (ADU CONVERSION!!!)
  • Pool

Target Acquisition Price:$465,000

Rehab Estimate: $150,000 (Conservative Estimate - TBD by Contractor)

ARV: $865,000+

Please call or email ASAP if interested in partnership deal. Willing and able to turn entire flip around in exchange for capital. Deal structure is flexible depending on capital available and profit split is negotiable.

Phone: 310.923.0996

Email: [email protected]