My name is Daniel Coleman, I am building an elite development brand. This year we will launch and develop our first international property under the Coleman brand, it's a townhome community, french style with a pool house and spa. I am currently looking for a financial partner (or multiple), someone to partner with my company on this deal. Let me be honest, this deal is the start of real estate with the potential to be great, I asked you humbly even if you don't want to invest pass the information on to someone that is interested in making it happen. Once again imagine being on the ground floor of Hilton or Marriot, even Trump, all great brands. In the world of real estate, eventually, any deal mastered and placed right will work out, BE THE PART OF THE "EVENTUALLY". I am a very honest person so whatever stipulations you may want to add to the deal, as long as they are reasonable and is beneficial to both parties, I am open to it, I believe in a good business relationship, all that being said, Be apart of something great.