Want to reach FIRE (financial independence, early retirement) while you’re young?

(Or young-ish, as the case may be? 😉 )

See exactly how one family did it in this free masterclass on what it takes to retire in 5 years with rental properties, using real life case studies and math.

Our guest, Scott Hoefler, explains how he, his wife, and his brother all reached financial independence in their 30s with rentals.

We’ll walk you through:

  • House Hacking: Building a portfolio of multifamily rentals while also living for free.
  • The Exponential Power of “Less”: The math behind “leanFIRE” and reaching it with rental income.
  • Using Leverage for Speed: How to accelerate your results using other people’s money, and the math behind leverage for FIRE.
  • Predictability: Why rental properties are the world’s most predictable investments, and how that helps you with FIRE.
  • “Forever Income”: How rental income grows over time, rather than diminishing like equities do under a “safe withdrawal rate” strategy.

Reserve a seat for the masterclass, it’s going to fill up quickly!

Brian & Deni