Today’s market is quick. Inventory is low and appreciation of investment properties is in full scale – so when you need to make quick, educated decisions in order to keep up - you’ll need a team on your side to help:

Bildwise is a general contractor in Indianapolis that is uniquely positioned, due to decades in restoration services, to be able to offer REI (real estate investment) consulting and boots-on-the-ground services.

Connect with our team, learn about Bildwise – and then see if we can add value to your processing by running comps, pulling property reports, verify property condition status, and more.

Let us get to work for you so you can make a fast and informed decisions when you decide to purchase or rehab a property.

Then, once you’re ready to move forward with a scope of work (SOW) – your Bildwise team is already informed of the particulars, so we can get to providing you the line-item details of repairs that keeps you moving forward.

We offer complimentary consulting services in the hopes that we can get you into the next project that makes sense for you. We believe in transparency and investing done-right; send us an e-mail today!

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