Come join me and my special guest Ayo for The Lease Option & Wholesaling Special Q & A Event on Wednesday evening April 14th at 8pm eastern time and get all of your questions answered about lease options and wholesaling.

My Special Guest and Student Ayo will be in the house to show you how with very little real estate experience he cash flowed over $50,000 in 90 days! Plus, he’ll be there to answer all of your questions as to how a he managed to build a six-figure income in only one year in the business!

Here’s the link to register:

Take advantage of my 26 years of working with Sandwich & Wholesale Lease Options and Wholesaling to get all your questions answered.

Students & non-students are both welcome!

This is a content only session so you can sit back and relax and ask any questions you have and learn from the questions others will ask during the session.

Join us Wednesday April 14th at 8pm eastern time and get the answers you’ve been searching for regarding these two cash flow niches!

You Have Questions….We Have Answers!

Here’s the link to register:


Joe Bodek