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Kuba Fietkiewicz here, founder of REIkit.com online house flipping and wholesaling software, based out of Los Angeles.

Today I wanted to share a few free resources with you that will help you find more houses to wholesale and flip, one of them specifically for the many relationships that you can be building right now, even in this age of shelter-in-place.

Maybe you can't hand your card out to the pizza guy right now, but there are plenty of other people that you can, and should, reach out to over the phone, because real estate is still very much a relationship-based business.

So whether you're driving for dollars, hustling with bandit signs, or setting up lead generation online, networking is paramount for your success.

In this post, I highlight 35 real estate business relationships you should create to maximize the number of leads you get:

35 relationships to help you find more houses to flip or wholesale

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Did I miss any? Leave a comment below!

Stay safe!