Podcast 25 is up on the Colorado Springs Real Estate Investing Podcast.

This podcast is titled Deal Analysis - Super Turnkey Single Family Home Near Fort Carson in Colorado Springs.

This deal analysis profiles a relatively new investor, Alex Sadeghi, who moved to Denver almost 2 years ago. Shortly after the move, he bought his first property, also his primary residence, a condo in Capitol Hill. This sparked his interest in Denver real estate, and he got hooked on the Denver Real Estate Investing podcast as well as all The BiggerPockets guides and forums.

He started working with Envision Advisors to find his first rental, a 3Br 2Ba cash flowing condo in East Denver in October 2020. He decided that his 2021 goals were to get another cash-flowing condo in Denver as well as expanding and diversifying his portfolio into the Springs with agent @Jenny Bayless . Listen to the podcast to find out why he feels Colorado Springs is a great place to buy rental properties.

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