With $150-250K in unsecured business credit lines and cards, you can:

· Buy investment properties

· Borrow the down payment to combine with a normal mortgage

· Renovate properties

· Expand your lead generation marketing

You draw on the credit line, then pay it back at your own speed. Rinse and repeat with as many properties as you like.

But the average real estate investor doesn’t know how to raise that much money in business credit lines. They may find one or two banks willing to give them $20K or so in a credit line, but that’s it.

Enter: business credit concierge services. They:

· help you open a series of unsecured business credit lines and cards,

· negotiate the limits higher for you,

· find 0% introductory interest deals for you,

· scrub your credit in between rounds of fundraising, and

· show you how to buy real estate with business credit cards without paying a cash advance fee.

Interested in learning more? Here’s a video of exactly how it works.

In the meantime, try this calculator to figure out how much you qualify for in unsecured business credit lines and cards. This method is WAY cheaper than borrowing from mortgage lenders or hard money lenders!

Cheers, Brian

Link to image: https://www.fundandgrow.com/sparkrentalfunding/