I understand Commercial Real Estate, now how do I get partners?

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I am a commercial real estate agent in Ohio.

I underwrite deals all over the country, I am a sponge learning as much as I can. I feel as if I have it a wall in my own personal journey for financial freedom. Where I understand the process and strategies but I lack high network connections and lack a track record of previous deals. I currently do not have 2 years tax returns, I have been traveling the world the past 3 years gaining education and life experiences. I have now settled in my home state of Ohio, have my RE Lisense and own a profitable restaurant business with 10+ employees.

I currently do not own any real estate.

I currently do not have enough personal capital to gain financing for the type of deals I’m looking for.

I would like to start investing and doing commercial deals, however I have come to find I will need to partners with capital and experience if I want to deals any time soon.

I am in search of a partner and mentor.

How can I add value to someone who is already doing 3 million plus type of deals.

In every partnership, there has to be every party bringing something to the table. If you don't have the knowledge or the money but are able to bring the deal or something valuable to it (crews to be able to project manage renovations etc..) then that is important to the overall transaction. I am in a similar situation but in the multifamily level so I turned my focus to finding the deal and learning how to renovate efficiently. Money doesn't seem to be an issue for a lot of people but sourcing enough deals is. Good luck! @David Italiano

1. Deal

2. Experience/knowledge

3. Capital

You really should bring 2 to the table to then find a financial partner. It sounds like the best asset you can bring to the table is the deal being that you know how to value and analyze it. Without having owned any real estate or managed any rehabs it will be tough to get someone to write a check AND manage the rehab for you just bringing the deal. You may want to find someone who can manage the rehab and do property management, then find the deal, and then you both go and find someone with capital to make the deal work. Just my $0.02. Everyone has a different path. You should try to buy some real estate asap to build experience and credibility.