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so I've been reading and listening to podcasts for awhile now and have been wanting to start something.  Im 26 and with me and my girlfriend's debt situation im looking into getting a better paying job so I can get out of debt and begin investing.  if i can do something real estate related that would be cool. my girlfriend wants to be a real estate agent and considering how challenging that can be I didn't think we should both do that. I thought about home inspector,  electrician, or plumber but currently have no technical skill with any of those plus 4 year apprenticeship may be a bit much. If not a real estate career im considering nursing or elevator repair.  What do you guys think considering I'd need extra time and money to start my real estate ventures? 

Sounds like you have a lot of thinking to do. The best advice I can give you is to invest in yourself before you jump in to anything. Yes, it takes a lot of training, time and hard work to become a licensed tradesperson, but people do that because there is value in that hard work. I don't know anything about elevator repair, but nurses must have bachelor's degrees and licenses. If you are avoiding those options because of the level of committment required, I would definitely not try to invest in real estate. It's not easy and it's definitely not a way to earn a quick buck. It's earning a very slow buck, actually. My advice would be to get a decent paying job and either go to school or start an apprenticeship. 

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@Jason Blevins - Welcome to BP and I applaud you for having the courage to solicit help and/or advice.

The good thing is that you are young and have a lot of time on your side. Don't waste it! Frankly, you have to decide what field you would like to be in that will make you happy. 

You have to pick a job that will pay your bills for the time invested and simultaneously it has to be something that you will enjoy doing.

Can you handle blood (I can't), are you handy, are you technically inclined? These are some of the tough questions you have to look in the mirror and ask yourself.

REI is not an easy home run to hit. You will have to settle for singles and doubles at times.

So, in actuality I am saying that it's up to you to decide which way your career compass is heading, due north or otherwise.

Good luck with your future chosen career.

Not afraid of hard work. Generally I am trying to move away from a heavy debt load and moving away from any career where i'll need to take a significant paycut for several years before seeing my pay match and eventually exceed what I'm currently making. I can handle blood, but as of yet I'm not very handy. I'm more attracted to rental property but am interested in flipping a few too just to try it, I know there will be struggle in the latter path because of the handy work that is involved. Essentially, I enjoy helping people and am good with the public...I'm looking for a job I can get into in two years (some nurses in my area only have associates degrees) or less that will pay at least 50k. Thank you all for the words of encouragement.

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