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so I've been reading and listening to podcasts for awhile now and have been wanting to start something.  Im 26 and with me and my girlfriend's debt situation im looking into getting a better paying job so I can get out of debt and begin investing.  if i can do something real estate related that would be cool. my girlfriend wants to be a real estate agent and considering how challenging that can be I didn't think we should both do that. I thought about home inspector,  electrician, or plumber but currently have no technical skill with any of those plus 4 year apprenticeship may be a bit much. If not a real estate career im considering nursing or elevator repair.  What do you guys think considering I'd need extra time and money to start my real estate ventures? 

If you want to invest more of your time you could possibly work for a contractor or rehabber doing any odd jobs they have. It would be a good way to network, learn rehabbing, and eventually be able to rehab your own properties.

I agree with Will.

I also think you as an inspector/rehabber and your girlfriend as a real estate agent would be a great partnership.

Good job on fixing your debt first but keep learning and volunteer or find odd jobs until you find out what you even like doing.

inspector is actually what I was leaning towards and then I read that many companies don't hire unless you have experience in other fields as well (electrician,  plumbing, etc.) I don't know how true that is. As far as odd jobs that would help my knowledge base which is definitely something I need, however in the meantime my girlfriend and I have debt that rivals our combined yearly income. So i also need a better paying job. I make about 36k now so if I could make at least 50k as a home inspector that would be a welcome change. Any body with experience  in home inspection? Good job? Stable?

Or how about this there any career besides real estate agent/inspector that you feel would be an asset to an aspiring investor? 

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