whats the difference from a lease option vs. rent to own?

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is there any difference or is rent to own just a different way of saying lease option ?

It is just a different way to say the same thing.
Usually investors know it as lease option but people looking to buy a personal residence that cant get bank financing know it as rent-to-own.

?Lease to own works better for Sellers and 

Rent Own works better for tenant buyers

Rent to own connotates that you're getting some rent applied  toward the purchase price and with dodd Frank you got to be cautious about that

I would call it a homeownership plan, and do some kind as the seller of using some kind of a lease plus a ROS far right of first refusal Org a lease purchase. Option just just gives them a chance to buy it

Lease purchase generally is 3% down nonrefundable as earnest money

@Marterio Jones

What are you trying to do? Are you trying to do lease-option assignments as a seller, will lease-option assignments as a buyer, or as an investor

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