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Hello BP,

Is there any specific software that the community would recommend for keeping track of business expenses? Put a lot into marketing over the last month and I want to start tracking it for numerous reason before it gets out of control. 

I figure I could do an excel worksheet but thought maybe a software program would be more efficient. 



Well Quickbooks is good for the book keeping and tracking expenses by various categories, classes customers etc.  However It is not going to be very effective for tracking leads. I will leave it to the marketing specialists here. 

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@Ricardo Olea in my opinion Quickbooks has very versatile functionality and is very user friendly. It's what I use for my own businesses as well as multiple real estate and construction clients. There are also some great CRM software programs that integrate with Quickbooks like Results and Salesforce. Many people don't realize all of the great third party apps that integrate with Quickbooks to make record keeping and tracking more convenient. Tally is another one. It enables you to scan receipts from your phone and it's OCR capability "reads" pertinent information and integrates into Quickbooks eliminating a lot of data entry and paper records. Just food for thought as you grow your business! Best of luck to you!

I personally don't like QB, but it seems that a lot of people do, that's why I am using them but I am using a VA to interpret all the receipts so I'll simply dump them in an inbox and be done with it.

QuickBooks Pro and higher has a new feature called "Leads" in the Customer Center List.

Note that QuickBooks shows 4 tabs to the right called:  "To Do's", "Contacts", "Locations" and "Notes"  


Nancy Neville