accountant recommendations needed

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Hi I’m just starting a contracting and real estate flipping business in Portland Oregon and looking for a reasonably priced smart accountant. Thank You Darrell

Are you looking for a local CPA or do you not mind working with a CPA remotely? That is very good that you are looking for an accountant now while your business is growing. As you are flipping properties, you will want to discuss a possible S Corp with your future CPA. If you are fine working with an accountant remotely, there are a few of us on here who have clients all over the world. I recommend you reach out and speak to several CPAs.

Hi Darrell,

If you are getting into contracting, you will probably want to hire a good, local bookkeeper early on.  Preferably, you should hire one who is familiar with the construction industry because there are some specialized accounting methods that apply.

As you look for a tax preparer (CPA), you should think about what is important to you?  Some people like to meet with their CPA in person somewhat regularly, in which case you need someone local to you.  If you primarily care about receiving good advice but don't care if you ever meet in person, you should focus on people (nationally) who 1) have systems in place to let you transfer tax documents online securely (not through email), 2) who have a strong understanding of the tax rules that affect your industry, and 3) who have a strong understanding of Oregon tax laws.  Not necessarily in that order, but all 3 are very important.

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