Where there's a will, there theres a way...Right?

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Hi All, I have been studying tons of BP material over the last 6 months...Webinars, Podcast, Books etc. I also have the tiniest amount of experience in real estate investing, I flipped a townhouse in my 20's, and help my family run a few airbnb's and am a new real estate agent. I am ready to take the plunge and buy my first (second, third, fourth...) property. But, I need some coaching as far as financial strategy.

I have an 800 credit score and no income (new RE agent) and my husband has a great W2 job but really poor credit due to some major credit card debt (long story). We have paid the credit cards down by (under 29% usage) in hopes to post his score but its still in the low 600's. We are working to further correct his credit but are our options in the mean time?

Our goal was to focus on the BRRRR strategy but if we we're to get a hard money loan or use private money we would not be able to re-fi into a long term mortgage. We have some personal money to work with but not enough to fund an entire project. Is my best option to do a few flips while we wait for his score to improve, or try to do a deal with owner financing? What would YOU do?

I dont see why you guys wouldnt be able to qualify for a FHA 3.5% down. Ive gotten clients approved at 610-620. Maybe try speaking to more banks?