Quest SDIRA Custodian

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Has anyone had experience with Quest SDIRA? They were referred by another investor and seemed very knowledgeable and easy to work with when I spoke to them on the phone. They only specialize in RE investments which I kind of like.

I have several friends who have lent me money from their sdira that was at Quest. I have found that they understand transactions very well. They moved pretty quick and got everything done when they were supposed to. There is tons of education on their website, facebook page and they have some live information meetups also across the country. They even have a cruise every year.

@Toby Jurging , the experience has been positive. I’ve used them for 2 separate investments this past year, and the process has been pretty seamless. I’m considering moving over to a Solo 401k however, so to not worry about UBIT taxes for future investments.

@Derek Epperson I used to work with Quest IRA at a previous firm, they were pretty good overall. I prefer New Direction IRA they have been the best group I've worked with. Mostly because of the team and staff. Hope that helps!