Investing in Partnership w/o impacting personal debt to income

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Hello BP,

I am currently under contract with 3 partners to purchase a cash flowing duplex. This is our first investment and we have been learning a lot as we go through getting financing. We have an LLC but the lenders have more favorable options if we borrow as four individuals. My question is if there is a way to invest in the project without impact my personal debt to income ratio? My wife and I do not earn very much money right now but we have been able to save quite a bit so the 30k to invest in the partnership would not break the bank. However, we would like to buy a house in the next six months and would like to figure out a way to keep the investment off the books... Is this possible?

Would you be able to step out of the partnership as a partner and instead loan the partners some of your capital? That should get your name off the bank loan

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