Recommendations for small business accounting software

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Hi everyone-

I am a real estate investor / licensed contractor.  My primary focus is the purchase, rehab, and sale of SFHs. On the side I do pickup some customer projects when it makes sense.  I share this because this creates multiple streams of income and the need for invoice generation.

I have a technical background and am very savvy with Excel.  To date I have been running everything out of a fairly sophisticated excel sheet... but I know there is a better way.

It doesn't take many searches to see the internet really likes to push Quickbooks.  I am curious about other's experience in this area.  I would prefer something cloud based, with maximum compatibility.  Also mileage tracking would be a plus!

It would be nice for the software to understand some aspects about the construction industry but this is not a deal breaker.  Everything I do is fairly typical for a small business.

Thanks in advance for your responses,
-Matt K

Hello Matt,

As a Proadvisor, Quickbooks Online is your best bet. 

Honestly, it would be unfair to give an opinion on the other accounting software since I'm not familiar with them

The key is to capture Revenue and any associated direct cost by project and comparing profitability.

Good Luck!

Steve Konopka

Updated over 2 years ago

Also, comparing actuals vs budgets and the amount of time you've taken in completing and the turnover of property.