None real estate investments like IRA, 401k or 529 college funds?

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For those with day jobs that offer retirement benefits/contributions, is it a smart move to “diversify” your assets through traditional investments like IRAs, 401ks or even 529 college accounts if you have younger kids? Or are we better off funneling that money into more Real Estate deals and growing that area of income/wealth?

@Joseph Niedermeyer I guess it's all risk tolerance.

I do all of the above and real estate. Diversifying seems like the safe option for me. I don't want to be pigeon-holed if one asset class tanks and all my eggs are in that basket. My savings split is about 50% stock market and 50% towards my next real estate purchase.

Some people only invest in one asset class like real estate or stocks and that seems to work well for them. 

Hope that helps :)

@Joseph Niedermeyer

I diversify. In order; max out 401k, max out Roth, real estate (duplexes), Vanguard VTSAX brokerage account. Of course, I also have a pension when I retire, so that’s a bit of an advantage as well.

@Joseph Niedermeyer  I am personally a fan of Roth IRAs and 401(k)s for diversifying assets. With a Roth, you're able to grow your income tax-free. If you are eligible for an employer match, I would encourage you to take advantage, as that is a great way to optimize your 401(k) contributions. Retirement accounts are not only great for your financial future, but they are also great for legacy building. Did you know that you can use your retirement account to purchase real estate? Many Bigger Pockets members use self-directed IRAs to invest in real estate and diversify their retirement portfolio in order to grow wealth. Check out the forums, as others have posted on this topic. If you would like to connect, I can answer any additional questions you may have.