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First time buying tenant occupied lease question

Posted Jun 8 2022, 13:15

Hello all,

My husband and I are closing on our first duplex in western NY in two days. It is owner and tenant-occupied and has been a case of pulling teeth to get all of the necessary paperwork regarding the lease and rent roll. We just received them and the owners never notified the tenants in writing that there will be a change of ownership and there is no proof of written notice from the tenants if they are vacating or renewing as required in the lease. Our legal team doesn't think it's a huge deal but I wanted to verify with other sources. The seller and their agent have been awful and we do suspect they got a better offer after they contracted with us so, they could be throwing curve balls to get us to back out. Obviously, we are worried about tenants rights laws and how we may be liable leagally. Thoughts? 

Upstate New York, New York

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