Interesting New Landlord Problem

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Hi Everyone, 

Thank you in advance for the pro tips and advice. 

I live in CA and just purchased my first two investment properties in Columbus, OH. On one of the properties, someone left a trailer with a broken hitch so it cannot be hooked up to a tow hitch in order to be towed. The trailer is filled with trash and someone already found a brick in it and threw it through my garage window. Long story short I'd love to have this removed from my property. I called the city parking enforcement and was told because the trailer is not on public property they cannot tow it even if it's abandoned. Anyone know of any services or have any advice to help me get this taken care of?

I have a guy that has a dump truck that I call to haul trash. Look for people/companies advertising "trash out" like for foreclosures and evictions and/or search for junk removal.

I think the solution is in your original post. 

“The city can’t tow it because it’s not on public property....” what if it was suddenly on public property? If some vandal grabbed your trailer and tried to steal it but gave up once the trailer was on public property?

in all seriousness, I assume you’d have 10 takers if you put it on craigs lust or free cycle or any such website.