Great Property Management in Kansas City, MO ?

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Hello fellow investors! I have 3 properties in MO and the goal is to acquire 3 more by end of Q2. I live in CA and I need someone reliable. Do you have any referrals based on your personal experience with a PM in Missouri?

@Nina Erlandson I just closed my first property in KC-MO. I am using Northpoint Asset Management. Their fees are flat and no fee for lot of small things. They have been helping me to get a property by running rental numbers and advising on area as well before i gave them business. It is actually funny that the home I bought was actually maintained by the them with prior owner as well which we dint know :-)

Congrats! I am from KCMO and have several rentals myself. Rental income is very good here and I have been very happy with my returns. I would be happy to help you grow your portfolio as I have with others if you would like! Feel free to PM me.