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Bullet Proof Florida Lease Agreement
Does anyone have a solid rental/lease agreement for the state of Florida? Its been a few years since I rented, and I need something to start me off again. Thank you in advance.
Renting to another home owner
If a tenant passes tenant screening with 3X income vs rent (of your house) and has good credit history, but currently owns a home, would you rent to them or consider it a risk? The reason they want to rent is... View more
would you lower rent to keep great tenant?
My husband has suggested this and I want to know what other landlords think. We have a great family that has lived in unit for 1 year with no issues, always pay on time, never bothers us. They are immigrants with low... View more
How to minimize BS people
Hey! I am having a problem down here in Atlanta. My qualifications are faily simple and put on my advertisements and applications. I have had my house empty and advertised since May. I have had only two... View more
Do you notify your tenants when their rental contract is expiring?
Do you notify your tenant a few months before their rental contract is about to expire? And ask them if they want to renew their contract/and/or get feedback about how they liked your property? If so, how has your... View more
Can you share with me a sample of your long term rental contract?
I'm redrafting my rental contracts for my long term properties and was wondering if anybody can share with me a sample of yours to compare and see that I haven't missed out on anything. Thanks!!
Which items does a landlord repair & wear-and-tear of tenants?
1) Can anyone please help me determine what is normally a landlord's responsibility in terms of maintenance of a rental property? 2) And what are the items that should be repaired by the tenant through regular... View more
Do you use multiple agents to advertise your rental properties for you?
I have been working with a real-estate agency for a while now, but due to the recession, he has had to downsize. I am considering getting a network of agents in my city to advertise for me. Because I do a lot of... View more
Can I cancel rental agreement if...
Can I cancel rental agreement if I haven't received any money yet (deposit, rent) or is it effective no matter if i received money or not?? I am landlord...changing my mind about someone I am renting a room to in my... View more
Do your tenants leave garbage behind?
I have had tenants leave a mess behind, but fortunately none has been as bad as this tenant from Australia. Check out the video. I hope no one has had any issues quite this... View more
tv shows
i was just curious what shows you guys(gals) watch pertaining to real estate of course! i like Property Ladder on TLC, most flip it shows, Property Virgins HGTV, Holmes on Homes, except when he shows himself doing all... View more
Collecting rents from evicted tenants
Hello everyone! I was curious, has anyone used a collections agency or attorney to collect rents from a tenant that was evicted? If so, which do you prefer, attorney or collections agency? How do you go about... View more
Is this lease binding?
I had a friend show my house for rent, and after receiving an application and speaking with someone on the phone, I agreed to rent to them. I prepared a lease and emailed it. The renter printed it, signed, and sent... View more
Any of you packing when going to any of your rentals/rental areas?
Just curious. It may have to do with the neighborhood in general or a house close to your property with shady characters or animals or ???? I do on occasion out of general principal but I don't advertise the fact to... View more
Does anyone bill rent bi-weekly?
You know, making 26 payments a year instead of 12? You end up with one extra "month's" rent. Would most of your tenants be bright enough to notice that it's just extra profit for you? I'm wondering if it could be used... View more
CPA in the house? Quick question...
If you have your properties in a LLC and have separate business accounts are you only taxed on money you take out (salary) from the LLC? If there is extra cash that I could be pulling out as salary but don't and it... View more
What sort of lawn should I install
This may be a strange question for those from areas where rain and water are plentiful. But Denver is a desert. Rain is scarce in the summer, water can be rationed, and water bills can be very high if you're allowed... View more
Gas vs Electric ranges
I just purchased a two-family house and plan on renting it out. I will be providing all of the utilities except electricity. The current stoves are gas and are 20inch units with a pilot light that stays on all the time... View more
Alternative To Copper Piping For HVAC Units
Does anybody know if anything other than copper can be used for piping for outdoor Heat Pumps/AC units? I just had a tenant move in about a week ago. I had a cage welded and cemented over the outside AC unit on... View more
Satellite Dish Problems. Any Advice?
The local satellite dish company has been installing dishes on my rental roofs WITHOUT my express permission. They say my tenants claimed to have my permission, and that if I have a problem with the installation... View more
Do you provide internet to your tenants?
These days almost everywhere in the country, rental properties (Especially MFR) are in fierce competition. Slashing monthly rent, offering 1st month free and other incentive becoming more and more frequent. One of the... View more
How nice to make low-income rentals look?
How far do you go and what is the minimum you do to make them look nice and welcoming without spending unnecessarily? Also, I always seem to find ones with fake wood paneling, in this market is it worth having them... View more
Tenant didn't tell me about leaks
The tenant didn't tell me about leaks in the kitchen and bath and now there's damage. What would you do? The kitchen sink leak has been going on for months looks like. Turns out that one of the fittings on the hot... View more