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1st SHF Rental up and running, now what?
I've landed my first tenant, moving in at the end of the month. I thought I'd kick out the details to everyone and get some opinions on an intelligent way and when to start expanding. Bought a single family HUD home... View more
Management contract amend
Small time two property owner here. Spend some time reading here but never posted before. So I have a question and will. Recently received an amendment to my contract with my property management company who is... View more
Shared Driveway Issue
Here is my problem. I own a duplex and it shares a driveway with the house next door. That’s not a problem, but the duplex behind mine, seems to think they can use my drive too. They use the back entrance of their... View more
What are the best days for rent due and automatic loan draft?
Wondering if you can share what combination of these works best for you: a) what day do you make your tenant's rent payment due? b) what day of the month do you set do have the mortgage payment drafted from your... View more
Shopping for a reasonable insurance company?
We own property in Orange County, CA. I was wondering if anyone here had any good experiences with insurance companies in this area. We are looking for fire insurance and earthquake insurance for an old 5 unit rental... View more
Face in palm moments?
Hello everyone. I'm in the process of closing on my first two investment properties. My plan is to rent both of these out once I've fixed them up a bit. They are both single family homes. My question as a newbie... View more
How do you stay organized?
I just wanted to see how everyone else stays organized with supplies and paper work. Do you digitalize all your paperwork? leases/apps/sec 8 papers etc.. Where do you keep it all? file cabinet? Safe? Where and how... View more
Clogged drain due to feminine products: who pays?
I have a tenant in a SFH who has been renting for a year. I couldn't ask for better tenants; they have taken very good care of my property. On Saturday, I was called because the drains were backed up. We called a... View more
Property Managemen agreement question
A quick question on my management agreement from Property Management company. I spoke with the owner of the company and feel pretty comfortable working with them. I just wanted to run by some of the specifics of the... View more
Does a basement matter?
I'm looking some potential properties they are typically 3 bed ranch type homes. Some of the properties have basements others have crawlspace or no basement. I'm wondering would the type of basement or indeed no... View more
My tenant wants to negotiate
In 20+ years this is my first request for a rent reduction and an educated one at that. Thoughts?? Good Afternoon Ingred, I pray that all is well. In light of the recent... View more
how to get a small loan
I know that banks usually don't like to do small loans since they earn a percentage and mortgages are the same amount of work no matter the size. So how do you guys go about getting a small loan? Say I want to buy... View more
Accept late payments, may not evict!
Here's a good example of why you should not accept late payments at all. you may lose your right to evict...see article below.
Need Help! Section 8 Questions.
Hello everyone, I am looking to buy 2 rental units. My Realtor suggested that i convert them into sec 8 housing, she said I would be able to get more rent for them and have very low vacancies. So, here are my... View more
tub issue
I've got a rental property that has what appears to be a porcelein tub. Near the drain, the surface has worn down and it looks like rust in the area. The renters asked if I could cover it up because they like to take... View more
Newbie looking for Apartment Complex advice
20 years of age Texan. I have made roughly 20,000 dollars this year flipping houses. I have suffered a lot of profit loss from under estimating expenses. I am getting tired of flipping and am thinking about getting a... View more
The need for slumlords
Every ethical landlord has a method for selecting tenants that profits his business while operating fairly. What percentage of potential tenants have you considered low-grade? Where do the low-grade tenants go when... View more
The Worst Landlording Advice Online: Share Your Favorites
In my years running BiggerPockets, I've seen some really bad advice given out to potential landlords. Most of it comes from people who have never managed a property or from real estate agents who are looking to appeal... View more
Need help with NYC security deposit issue~
This past year I have rented out my 4 bedroom in Manhattan to some girls. I am not the owner, I am the master leaseholder and I sublet the place to them. The tenants were required to pay me 1st, last, and one month... View more
Shorter investment lengthes for higher ROI?
Trying to figure a way in which one could essentially have less than a 50% operating expense. With the 50% rule is it true to say that every year you have your property you will incur 50% in expenses? Im thinking that... View more
Amazing Tenant Stories
I have a pretty amazing story. So I am over at the duplex and the one tenant told me she'd really like to do some landscaping and was wondering if I could buy a few plants for her to put in.. I said sure. So I go and... View more
Emergency preparation for rentals
At the lease signing, the tenants asked me what my plan to protect the rental was in the case of a hurricane. Unfortunately, I had no answer for them. Obviously now I'm looking into a plan for boarding up the house... View more
Buying a tenanted property?
I'm considering buying a property with existing tenants. The property is a duplex. How do I verify that the tenants pay on time and are not in arrears or subject to eviction proceedings? Is there a set... View more
Sticky Market- Potential Tenants keep flaking
My best unit is up for rent. And it usually has low vacancy. It has been empty the past 1.5 months. It has just been redone and when I first listed it I dropped the rent $300/month. If I lowered the rent $800 less I... View more